His charisma is his trademark and his style is inspired by funk and soul. He is recreating himself as an artist but never forgets who he is and what his art should testify. Affected by James Brown and many more, he inspires the world while teaching in the category Locking and Souldance. He is a creative mind, who always has new ideas to reinvent the Locking dance.

He has mastered his craft in such a way, that one could call him a genius : Gucchon, the famous popper from Japan and part of the Co-thkoo crew , an artist with control, flow and original creativity who started dancing at 18 years .He won Juste Debout twice, performed shows and judged at several battles throughout the world. Gucchon established his own studio in Osaka, Sunny Hood, where he focuses on the next generation of dancers.

Franky Dee is one of the most talented young german dancers and the proof that hard work and determination can pay off. His style could be described as unique and his understanding for music is phenomenal! His dance is a mixture of floor moves, technique and musicality. He is the winner of Juste Debout International 2014 in the category Hip Hop, creator of Me against the World and member of the Deetroit Rockstarz Crew.

He is one of the most famous French dancers in the world. Yugson Hawks, representing Wanted Posse and Serial Stepperz Crew will be part oft he festival days not only as a teacher but also as the organizer of Hawks Method, his own event concept for dancer evaluation. He is multiple winner of Juste Debout International and of Battle of the Year and always representing the house and hip hop dance whenever he can. His music technicality shows a large range influenced by House, Hip Hop, Break and Tap.

Nelson is world-famous and one of the most respected Popping dancers. He is the winner of this year’s Juste Debout International in the category Popping. Nelson spreads out so much passion and fun while dancing. Therefore he is a big inspiration for all the dancers in the world and a role model for every dancer of any style and level because of his pure love to the dance. His dance is art that wears his personal flavor.

Kefton is member oft he crews Prophenomen, Serial Steppers and Enfants Prodiges and is considered as one oft eh strongest Hip Hop Dancers worldwide. He has been dancing for over 10 years and won several Battles like Dance Delight and Fusion Concept. His Style is powerful and energetic.

Djidawi is a well-known Popping dancer from France and part of the Legion X crew. He judged Juste Debout in 2014 and won competitions like Defipayette. His creation „Big UP“, arose through 15 years of artistic experience, which he wants to pass on in form of a seminar to dancers. His goal: To push their self-confidence, to pursue their goals and to be motivated to follow dance as a profession.

Paleta was born and raised in Switzerland. With the ability to channel her spiritual awareness and gifts into her performance, Paleta mesmerizes her audience all around the world and has been able to build a reputation for herself as a uniquely talented individual. She is judging a variety of competitions and battles around the UK and Europe such as UDO World Finals and Battle Room, presenting her own theatre work at different Hip Hop and urban dance festivals – Breakin’ Convention and Breakthrough Festival – and teaching classes and workshops around world.

Toyin Sogunro is a dancer, educator and ambassador of the urban dance culture aka a real Power Woman!
Internationally based, she dedicates her life into preserving and cultivating the urban dance culture and community with the help of Hip Hop and House Dance.
After winning the House category in the 2011 Juste Debout Battle in France as the first U.S. and the first female team, she and many other women created the global movement „Nefer Global Movement“, dedicated to empower and celebrate the contribution of women and girls of color within dance, music, art and fashion.
A strong woman, with an even stronger dance style.

Kofie da Vibe aka Kiddmaddrip is an international dancer, teacher, organizer of EBS and IBIM Production, representing Bad Newz MP, Buckmanz and the Evolution Team. He was one of the first dancers who represented Germany in the urban scene. Kofie gathered a lot of experiences during his career; amongst other things he is one of the students of Tight Eyez, the creator of Krump. Kofie will represent both, Krump and Hip Hop, at the Free Spirit Festival.

Creator, Inventor, Storyteller. He is member of the Animatronik crew and the show Red Bull Flying Illusion! His craft: Popping, Tutting and Waving. He is a world renowned artist in the fields of dance and improvisation. Throughout his career, he has won numerous competitions, including the BOTY Popping Battle and Funkin’ Styles World Team Battle.
He has the capability to transform and visualize while dancing and with every move that he creates, he releases all of his energy and soul.

Majid Kessab is a highly talented young German dancer who has experiences in several dance styles and won several big competitions like Juste Debout 2014 and 2017 or the German Dance TV Show „Got to dance“. He gives workshops around the world and has working experience as a model and choreographer. Body control, flow and high level of energy, mixed with styles like Hip Hop, Krump, B-Boying or House create his dance.

Member of the crew Bad Newz MP and Deetroit Rockstarz, dancer of the show Red Bull Flying Bach, member of the Evolution Team and last but not least organizer of the Free Spirit Festival! He won battles like Juste Debout Germany, Cercle Underground and SDK. Aldo is a master of dancing with the capability to show you different styles while dancing incorporating flow, foundation and technique. He goes deep in every style and lifts it up to a new level. Besides this, he spreads love, knowledge and good energy, especially in his workshops.

Fabrice Labrana is an artistic choreographer and one of the most famous french dancers in the world. He has already been part of various shows and films (Street Dance 3D) and dances under the brand NIKE für several years. He won Battles like Juste Debout, IBE, SDK, Cercle Underground and many more.

Ben, member of the crew Bad Newz MP and Legion X, is a world champion in Hip Hop dance and his love to the dance leads him to new experiences in the whole world. But he stays humble even if he is worldwide known and respected. He has an incredible understanding for the music and takes inspirations from different styles, dances and situations in life to create his own style.

Her style could be described as a mixture of fluidity, precision and contrast. She is a specialist in waving and tutting with a creative mind and technique. During her workshop she will exchange with you and she will show you different aspects of the Popping dance to help you to progress and expand your creativity and knowledge.

Rhythm, flow, footwork, creativity, spirituality and humbleness. OG, member of the crew Afree House is winner of several competitions like Juste Debout, House Dance Forever 2017 and many more. His unique style is based on House feeling and includes elements of Capoeira and African and Latin dance styles.

Miracle, member of the crew Deetroit Rockstarz and representing the Free Spirit collective, won several competitions in the last couple of years. His style could be described as a mixture of footwork, isolations and floor moves while expressing his own musicality. During the Free Spirit Festival Miracle will explain his understanding of musicality to you and how he is using his body to play with the music.

Casablanca’s Lil Zoo has won many international championships and battles. He is a Red Bull dancer, part of the Flying Steps Crew and the Flying Bach cast.
He calls his style “kingzoo style with animal energy” and has found his own creative way to combine footwork, acrobatics and powermove combinations.
You will always see him laughing, even when he challenges his opponent with fiery movements and angry gestures.

Trouble is a well-known dancer of the Krump scene, who inspires and captivates the audience. Since 2009 he addresses his focus on Krump and Popping. Trough dancing he is travelling a lot and shares his passion in Battles and Sessions. He won several Battles like Urban Champs and is EBS World Champion of 2017.