Free Spirit Festival 2019

With 5 different events for each evening the Free Spirit Festival will be open to everyone – dancer or not. It doesn´t matter if you want to challenge yourself in Battles, exchange during Jams, listen to live music, present yourself and your crew or just simply want to have fun and party. There is something for everybody.

You will find information on each event on the following pages.


Welcome Jam

Start of the week. A place to sweat and jam and to get warmed-up for the Festival. The FS Welcome Jam includes a presentation of the teachers, discussions about the Hip Hop Dance culture and it´s a perfect opportunity to get to know the people who will train with you the whole week.

Venue: FE Icklack, Höherweg 12, 40233 Düsseldorf

Entry: Free

Spirit of House

This event is for all dancers who love to interact and build a bond while dancing!
Spirit of House is a battle in the form of the House concept “Stalking”. It’s all about the connection between you and your partner.

Show the audience how to implement the Stalking category and let us revive Spirit of House this evening.

Venue: TBA

Entry: 8€

Live Night

Experience the real music! A Jam between musicians and dancer with many showcases and concerts.
Be part of this incredible night and get a new perspective on inspiration and open mindedness.
And don’t miss the Party afterwards!

Venue: TBA

Entry: 12€


Be free of categories and dance without borders to the genre of your choice. Face opponents of different styles you would never face in a classic battle concept. This event will challenge your musicality and bring it to another level!

Any dancer of any style can participate in every category!

All Battles are 1 vs 1.
Judges: FrankyDee, Toyin, Nelson
Battle Categories

Abstract Downtempo

Live Funk

Native Drums – House

Hype n Buck – Beatkill

Kids 1 vs 1 Mixstyle (until 15 years)

Venue: Tanzhaus NRW, Erkrather Str. 30, 40233 Düsseldorf

Entry: 13€
Doors open: 13:00


The ultimate final event! It’s about winning or losing!
Who’s gonna be the Champion of 2019?
Give your best, fight for the victory and take the trophy home.
Good luck!

Judges: Gucchon, Marquest, Cheerito

Battle Categories

2vs.2 Hip Hop

2vs.2 Popping

1vs.1 Breaking

2vs.2 Kids Mixstyle (until 15 years)

Venue: Capitol, Erkrather Str. 30, 40233 Düsseldorf

Entry: 15€
Doors open: 12:00
Doors open spectators: 16:30